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Recycling with Nespresso

Make a change. Recycle a capsule.

With the Nespresso recycling plan, we dedicate in sustainability for you to recycle your used aluminium
capsules and fullfilling your commitment to protecting the environment.

Every Capsule Has Future Potential

Nespresso uses aluminium for its capsules as it is the best material available today to protect the freshness, taste and quality of the Nespresso Coffees. Aluminium is also infinitely recyclable. This means that there is potential for a second life within every capsule.

Second Life

From coffee to compost

Once separated from the aluminum, coffee grounds can be reused in more and more innovative ways. Today, you can find them in compost fertilizer to enrich the soil of rice fields or even vineyards. They’re also being transformed into renewable energy, like biofuel for buses.

From aluminium to anything

Aluminum is not just 100% recyclable, it’s infinitely recyclable. Each capsule you recycle can come back in another everyday object – another capsule, bicycle, Swiss army knife, peeler, ladder, window frame or watch case..

Nespresso Sustainability Approach

Nespresso has a sustainability called The Positive Cup. It builds on significant steps the company has taken over years to improve farmer welfare and drive environmental sustainability in coffee sourcing and consumption. The sustainability program with Nespresso is surpassed by no one… they have set this up so that if you are responsible and you want to participate in truly recycling: it is very easy to do”. Interview on Sustainability with George Clooney