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Espresso caramel and espresso vanilla

The new coffee moments revealed by Nespresso

Enjoy a truly unique taste experience with the new coffee Espresso Caramel and Espresso Vanilla.

Born from the perfect balance between notes of roasted Arabicas from Central and Southern America and aromas of caramel and vanilla, these creations exert unexpected character : the surprising sweetness of Espresso Caramel, and the stunningly silky flavours of Espresso Vanilla.


espresso caramel

Caramel Flavored

The sweetness of the caramel flavour mellows Espresso Forte roasted notes giving birth to a pleasant coffee reminiscent of the browning of sugar.

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Intensity 7
Aromatic profile Caramel
Cup size 40ml


Vanilla Flavored

Discover a silky flavored coffee thanks to the full and slightly caramelized aroma of vanilla combined with the complex Espresso Forte profile.

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Intensity 7
Aromatic profile Vanilla
Cup size 40ml

How to enjoy your coffee

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