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Nespresso Professional Payment Solutions

Nespresso offers a simple modular system which integrates payment and storage solutions with your machine.Nespresso has created a streamlined modular system to suit your professional needs. It allows you to combine a machine that serves coffee at the touch of a button, a storage unit and a user-friendly payment system.

With four configurations available, the payment system can be added to all professional Nespresso machines. The flexible payment system, using payment card or cash, ensures you control the payment process, from ordering your capsules to the collection of the funds.Choose the Nespresso solution that meets your specific needs:
  • 4 different configurations: wall, table-top, base cabinet, full tower
  • 3 payment solutions: coins, key ring, payment card
Choose the best payment system for you.
Coin-based payment:
  • Coffee pricing defined by you
  • Discreet technology, fully integrated within the storage cabinet
  • Gives change
  • Accepts 4 different coin denominations
  • Secure access (locking system)
  • Cash controlled and managed by you
  • Provides a record of consumption

Payment cards or key rings:
  • Rechargeable
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Quick and convenient - no need for coins
  • Credit balance and prices available on display screen
  • Coffee pricing defined by you
  • Option to have different pricing for payment by card, key ring or with coins
  • Subsidise coffee payment via payment card or capsule pricing
  • Provides a record of consumption

Administration options for payment card or key rings.
USER Credited:
  • Card or key ring credited by user (only with Full Tower configuration)
  • Users credit their card or key ring by inserting cash into the coin slot in the base cabinet.

  • Card or key ring credited by an administrator within your company
  • Designated administrator is equipped with a loading station, so they can upload to cards and key rings upon request
  • Users can choose from a range of credit ? values ? or ? units ? (?5, ?10 or ?20 for example).

Choose the storage system which suits your needs.
  • Storage system is adaptable to the space you have available
  • Automatic capsule dispensers can be wall-mounted or installed on a flat surface
  • Storage units neatly hold cups, capsules, spoons and accessories
  • Base cabinet provides large collection containers for water, used capsules and waste
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