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Reviving lost coffee origins one cup at a time

Through our REVIVING ORIGINS program, we work hand-in-hand with local farmers to ensure every cup of coffee is produced with care.

With the support of coffee-loving businesses just like yours, we’re restoring coffee production in regions that have been almost lost due to conflict, natural disasters or climate change.

Inspire your employees or guests with a rare blend that reawakens a forgotten coffee industry and supports communities in the Democratic Republic of The Congo (DRC), CONGO ORGANIC. Grown along the rain-rich soils and lush shores of Lake Kivu, this Arabica coffee blend with sweet cereal and nutty notes is perfect with milk, best enjoyed as a cappuccino or latte.

Your team or guests can enjoy CONGO ORGANIC as a cappuccino or latte with milk.

Your team or guests can enjoy CONGO ORGANIC as a cappuccino or latte with milk.

It’s through our REVIVING ORIGINS program that Nespresso has joined together with 2,500 South Kivu farmers and our partners to bring back coffee production in DRC through sustainable farming practices that improve quality, increase the volume of crop year after year, and revive farmers’ livelihoods.

For local farmer Turanyi Kabasura, life has changed since learning the new techniques for managing his coffee plants and securing a price premium for his coffee. “In my whole life, no one has ever given me such a bonus,” he says. Like many community members positively impacted by these endeavours, Kabasura has been able to reinvest his earnings into new income sources. “I see my remaining days being better than those in the past, because I am going to work, assured of receiving regular pay and a bonus each time after the coffee sale,” he explains. Your team can now enjoy the great taste of barista-quality coffee in the workplace, knowing they’re making a real difference for farmers just like Kabasura.

But care doesn’t just stop at the coffee. Care is a commitment to boosting the wellbeing and safety of the local community. It’s helping to re-build a once vibrant and flourishing culture, reviving it with a newfound sense of pride. It’s building community resilience through greater access to clean water and primary healthcare. It’s increasing training through our AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program and encouraging equal opportunities for women.

By instilling care in everything we do, every sip of our seasonal CONGO ORGANIC blend harvests hope for local coffee communities of DRC. So your team or guests can feel proud knowing that their coffee is creating a lasting impact.

CONGO ORGANIC is so much more than just a cup of barista-quality coffee – it’s an opportunity for your business to deliver on its own values by creating positive change each day. To businesses like you, thank you for helping us plant future seeds of hope in coffee communities that were under threat. Available for a limited time only, order CONGO ORGANIC for your office or establishment here.

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