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Bianco Delicato Box

  • Overview


    Renowned for its beautiful balance of citrus acidity and deep juicy fruit notes, Kenyan arabica is carefully blended with Indonesian arabica, to offer a delicate sweetness that is perfect for creamy milk recipes. BIANCO DELICATO is the fruit of this marriage between Africa and Asia. Its caramel and biscuit notes will sublimate the taste of a coffee lightly roasted. Lightly, as we have never done before for any other Nespresso Professional coffee.

    • Size of cup
      • Recipe
      • 40 ml
      • 25 ml
    • Aromatic profile


    NOK 4.03 x Add to bag

    (All prices are excluding VAT and may vary depending on local regulations)

  • Details

    • Origin

      BIANCO DELICATO is designed to achieve the perfect sweet harmony of coffee with milk. Carefully selected Arabicas from Kenya and Indonesia are lightly roasted to reveal delicious caramel and sweet biscuit notes when adding milk.

    • Roasting

      Gently and slowly roasted in two splits, both equally light, divided only by origin. A course grin finishes one of the lightest roasts ever done for our professional line.

    • Aromatic profile

      <b>BIANCO DELICATO</b> is all creamy caramel and sweet biscuit notes when you add milk, with hardly any bitterness or acidity. The light roast lends sweetness and smoothness to the cup.

  • Ingredients

      50 capsules of roast and ground coffee for the Nespresso system.

      Roast and ground coffee. Packaged in a protective atmosphere. Product as sold does not contain milk ingredients’

      320 g