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Food & Bites

Indulge in fine biscuits and sugars specifically designed and produced to enhance the aromas of each Nespresso coffee. An essential collection for gourmets.

  • Sugar

    The sugar sticks contain just the right amount of fine white sugar for one cup. Pack of 100 sticks of white sugar.

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  • Bags of sugar

    Contains just the right amount of fine crystal suger for a cup Espresso. Delivered in 300 bags of 4 g crystal suger.

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  • Brown Sugar

    60 sticks of brown sugar with 4 gr. sugar each.

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  • Ceylan Kenilworth Noir

    Offer Ceylon black tea as a gourmet alternative to coffee.

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  • Earl Grey Fleurs Bleues

    Offer Earl Grey tea as an alternative to coffee.

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  • Coffee Cream 200 pc.

    Coffee cream in individual portions to accompany your Nespresso coffee.

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  • Financiers Chocolat

    These chocolate flavoured Financiers, a tender miniature cake inspired by a French recipe, are simply delicious.

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  • Amaretti

    These Amaretti biscuits have been prepared using natural ingredients, such as fresh, ground, Californian almonds, and delicately scented honey. They are the perfect accompaniment to the Nespresso koffies.

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  • Chocolate Biscuit with Sichuan Pepper

    These cookies offer a daring combination of chocolate and Sichuan pepper. Contains: Pack of 16 pieces (120 g)

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  • Cantuccini

    These biscuits are made with whole almonds and honey following a typical Italian recipe. They are baked twice for extreme crunchiness. Pack of 12 pieces (140 g).

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  • Orange Flavoured Biscuit

    Cornmeal gives these orange flavoured cookies a nice crunchiness and a golden hue. Pack of 15 pieces (120 g)

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