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Het recycleproces | Nespresso


Recycling with Nespresso

Every Nespresso capsule can be recycled infinitely.
Make a difference and recycle your capsules without any effort.

Offering the best coffee, cup after cup, creates responsibility towards you and the world we live in. Nespresso commits itself to acting responsibly and is always on a quest to find new ways of making a change – also when it comes to recycling.  

Business Recycling


Recycle your used capsules with ease using our recycling bags. Add it to one of your orders - free of charge.

Order your recycling bag

Return your full recycling bags through one of the following points.

Recycling container

If your monthly consumption exceeds 2.500 Nespresso capsules, you are eligible to apply for a recycling container to collect your used capsules.

Email us for more information

With a maximum of two times each month and free of charge Nespresso will empty this container.

Our sales managers are happy to inform you about the possibilities. They will respond within 5 working days.

Recycling Process

Responsible & Sustainable

Nespresso uses aluminum for its capsules as it is the best material available today to protect the freshness, taste and quality of our high grade coffees. Aluminum is also infinitely recyclable, making it a valuable and sustainable material. Determined to make the best decision? Start recycling today and take your share in improving this world.

In the Netherlands we are able to recycle every Nespresso capsule

Together with our recycling partner Remondis, Nespresso Nederland has developed a tailored recycling system that separates aluminum and coffee out of used capsules - ensuring that nothing is wasted.

Second Life

From coffee to biofuel

Once separated from the aluminum, the remaining coffee can be re-utilized in countless and ever more innovative ways. For instance, the coffee can be transformed into green fuel, such as bio gas for busses.

From aluminum to a bicycle

Aluminum is 100% infinitely recyclable. Each recycled capsule will find its way into numerous everyday objects, such as cars and bicycles. The possibilities are endless.

The Positive Cup

Our "The Positive Cup" program aims to improve
environmental sustainability in coffee production and
social welfare for our farmers. Our three goals for 2020 are:

  • 100% sustainability in coffee production
  • 100% recycling of aluminum
  • 100% carbon neutral operation