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Benefits of Professional Nespresso accessories

Make your coffee experience even more complete with Nespresso accessories! Enjoying your coffee requires the right accessories to make your coffee moment even more special. From small espresso cups to coffee mugs and from cappuccino cups to on-the-go paper cups, these accessories will turn every cup of coffee into a real treat.

Make a difference and recycle with your company

Recycling has never been easier. Order your free recycling bag on our accessories page. Collect your capsules in the recycling bag and put it ready for a DHL or PostNL delivery driver.

Capsule holders

Nespresso offers different capsule holders. These are not only practical, but also come into their own in the lobby, kitchen or office corner where you want to keep your coffee cups. There are different designs and sizes to choose from.

Milk Frothers

With our various loose milk frothers you can make the most delicious milk recipes. Our milk frothers are easy to use: only one push of a button is needed to create a coffee recipe. If you do not have a built-in milk function in your coffee machine, an electric milk frother is a very nice addition.