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payment solutions

Nespresso has created a stylish and modular electronic system enabling you to combine a machine that serves coffee, a storage unit and a payment system. The capsule distributor stores coffee capsules and distributes six coffee varieties. The base cabinet conveniently stores all of your accessories.

Highly flexible payment solutions for a coffee at the touch of a button

The flexible payment system will allow you to control the payment process, from ordering your capsules to the collection of funds. Four configuration options guarantees that you get the most enjoyment from your coffee machine.

an intelligent system

  • Cash-based, Cashless and reports
  • Discreet technology fully integrated
  • Large capacity and convenient capsules storage
  • Drawers for accessories and consumables
  • Containers for water, used capsules and waste
  • Direct water connection
  • This system can be adapted to all professional Nespresso machines
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Compare the different payment solutions

* GEMINI 200: 15kg / GEMINI 220: 18kg

get more from your nespresso coffee solution

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The cashless solution offers a back-office application allowing Operators to manage machines and product sales remotely. Operators receive automated reports in any format that they choose, offering a better understanding of what works for their business and how to increase sales.

  • Management Suite
  • Real-Time Data
  • Customizable alerts
  • Sales Reports
  • Increased Service Productivity
  • Increased Sales
  • Optimised inventory management
  • Post billing and rewards programs

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