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Ristretto Origin India 50 Capsule Box

  • Overview


    Heard the legend of Baba Budan? In 1670 he smuggled 7 beans back to India - first coffee planted outside its native origin. Ristretto Origin India is our homage to his fine Arabica and Robusta. Its powerful, spicy intensity hits you with noble punch.

    • Intensity
      • 10
    • Size of cup
      • 25 ml
    • Aromatic profile


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  • Details

    • Origin

      The coffees in this Ristretto coffee pod are hand-harvested and carefully selected from one single state in southern India - Karnataka. You’ll only taste the purest Indian coffees in Ristretto Origin India. The Arabicas are washed processed varieties known for their roundness and light chocolate notes. The Robusta beans are known for their large size and density - they are packed full of the rich, powerful aromatics that give Nespresso Ristretto Origin India its intensity.

    • Roasting

      We light roast the Arabicas in this Nespresso pro capsule for a long time to keep those subtle aromatics intact. The Robusta in this coffee blend gets a long, dark roast to bring out the punchy cocoa and spice notes.

    • Aromatic profile

      Ristretto Origin India’s aromas echo the coffee’s origin. The woody notes and that noble punch of clove, nutmeg and pepper all reflect what grows between the coffee trees in southern India.