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Gemini 200 - Coffee Machine | Nespresso Professionnel | NesEntity_FR


Gemini 200

The Gemini 200 from Nespresso is equipped with forward-thinking technology and two separate extraction heads to prepare two coffees at the same time. The extraction process is optimised thanks to the technology of this innovative Nespresso machine, giving you the highest quality coffee with exceptional flavour and texture.

  • Recommended for 20 or more users and for 20 or more coffees per day.
  • Double head technology
  • Simplicity and flexibility

&Euro1,225; Excl.taxes

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  • The coffee machine adapted to all types of business and food outlets

    • The double extraction head enables the machine to prepare two coffees at the same time for your customers, sales partners and employees.
    • Fully automated and fitted with several different functions, this machine delivers three programmable cup sizes: Ristretto, Espresso and Lungo.
    • This machine is easy to use and enables you to prepare exceptional coffee quickly, at the touch of a button.
    • This elegant machine, made out of durable materials, offers you the ultimate Nespresso coffee experience in any professional environment.

    Suitable for any type of business or venue

    Your Nespresso Professional sales representative will assist you in choosing the perfect place for your machine.
    Our professional coffee machines are reliable and efficient, and will easily adapt to any type of space.

    A range of services designed for professionals

    Nespresso has developed a range of specific services because there is nothing more important than having a machine that works perfectly. That is why our after-sales service is available to answer any questions or requests concerning the maintenance or servicing of your machine.

  • Key features


    • The double extraction head enables the machine to prepare two coffees simultaneously

    • Digital display

    • Cup warming plate

    • Semi-automatic capsule insertion and ejection

    • Energy saving mode

    • Super-fast water heating

    • Descaling alarm

    • Programmable cup sizes

    • Direct water connection


    Technical specification

    • Weight

      15 kilogrammes
    • Removable water tank

      6 litres (equivalent to 90 espressos)
    • Power rating

      2,410 watts
    • Used capsule container capacity

      70 capsules
    • Dimensions (WxDxH)

      56 cm x 39.2 cm x 37 cm
    • Pressure

      16-19 bars
  • A perfect coffee experience cup after cup

    To guarantee the constant quality your coffee, it is important to look after your machine. Below you will find a series of videos and the services we provide to assist you with the maintenance of your Nespresso machine. You can also consult the user manual.

    Nespresso services for your machine

    Need immediate assistance for your machine?
    Contact us or call us on 0805 10 20 22 for businesses or 0805 11 07 11 for hotels and restaurants

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