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Nespresso Business Solutions

A key way a company can Influence its employees' perception of the company, and Increase their loyalty is through the commission of fringe benefits. Of these benefits, providing high-quality coffee demonstrates the highest impact at a relatively low cost. The research conducted by Bain & Co. shows that three quarters of employees think that providing high-quality coffee shows a company cares about its employees. 

With Nespresso, you can be sure your employees appreciate the effort you've made to improve their day. Our brand is recognised by 9 out of 10 consumers and is synonymous with quality. With a small investment in an notice detail, you can gain greater loyalty and more sustainable sales growth.

At Nespresso we want to make it possible for you to make the same full-bodied espresso offered by skilled baristas. Your business can benefit from years of expertise in the Nespresso Grands Crus premium coffees, innovative machines and excellent customer support.

Our rigorous selection process and careful blending, roasting, and grinding methods create exceptional Grands Crus coffees that are enjoyed all over the world. The exclusive capsule delivery system helps you to control costs and preserves the roast and ground coffee until you're ready to serve.

In a business environment, Nespresso contributes to the performance of your company by offering the best quality coffee to your employees, but also a competitive and easy to manage coffee solution to you.

We believe our Grands Crus that stand apart from other coffees and fit naturally with the world of fine dining. Today, Nespresso is the coffee of choice in over 400 of the world finest restaurants.

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