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Our Payment Solutions | Nespresso Pro | NesEntity_ES


our payment solutions

Nespresso has created a simple modular system that integrates a coffee capsule storage unit in its professional coffee machines, and a payment system that is very easy to use.

flexible payment solution

We offer a functional payment system that is adapted to all your professional needs. The system provides you assurance of control of the payment process from the time you place your order for capsules and through the entire money collection process. The payment solution works with all Nespresso coffee machines in our professional range and is installed in the capsule dispenser.

a smart system

  • There are three payment solutions: coins, key ring and card
  • Four different configurations: wall, table-top, base cabinet and complete tower
  • The machine returns change and provides a consumption log
  • Option of establishing different prices depending on whether payment is made with card, key ring or coins
  • Lock system with secure access
  • Space with large capsule storage capacity
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Compare the different Nespresso payment solutions

* GEMINI 200: 15kg / GEMINI 220: 18kg

Benefit from Nespresso coffee solutions

Contact us to obtain further information on our Nespresso Professional payment systems, and find out which one fits best with your particular needs and your coffee machine.

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