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Coffee Accessories for Companies | Nespresso Pro | NesEntity_ES


Nespresso Professional coffee accessories

Savouring your Nespresso in a coffee cup or mug or—if you prefer—you can order your coffee takeaway to enjoy it any time of day with our exclusive Travel Mug. Complement it with our chocolates, biscuits and coffee creamers and discover new lovely and innovative flavour combinations.

Tasting accessories

Select from among our range of mugs, cups and coffee accessory packs for businesses to choose what best fit your needs, and then sit down to savour delicious coffee.

Pack Lungo Accessories

Includes 120 paper cups of 24 cl., 100 sugar sachets of 8 gr and 100 stirrers.

€ 7.06

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Travel Mug

Accessory for enjoying your Nespresso coffee when you are not at home. It will keep your coffee nice and hot (or cold).

€ 16.53

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Espresso Cups x 12

Modern and elegant porcelain Espresso cup (70 ml), ideal for serving either an Espresso or Ristretto.

€ 25.46

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Take Away Paper Cup On-The-Go (360 ml)

Designed to enhance the premium Nespresso experience, consumers can choose their favourite coffee to take away.

€ 2.26

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Plastic Lid for Take Away

Package of 30 plastic lids for 240 ml takeaway coffee cups On-The-Go.

€ 1.52

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Recipe Glass x 12

Set if 12 View Recipe glasses made of tempered glass. Capacity 350ml.

€ 29.50

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Solutions for milk

Enjoy your latte macchiato coffee anywhere at your workplace with Nespresso coffee creamers that do not require refrigeration. Or, if you prefer a Cappuccino, you can prepare all types of coffee recipes, both cold and hot, with our Aeroccinos frother range.

Aeroccino 4

Aeroccino 4, milk frother with handle.

€ 66.03

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Crema de Leche (x200)

Individual coffee creamers that do not need to be refrigerated.

€ 20.00

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Aeroccino 3 Red

Aeroccino 3, red milk frother.

€ 57.85

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Capsule dispenser

Pick the Nespresso storage solution that works best for you. From coffee capsule dispensers to presentation boxes for hotels and restaurants. We have got the perfect accessories for storing and serving all the different varieties of Nespresso Professional coffee.

SIDE Capsules Dispenser

€ 90.00

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CUBE Capsule Dispenser

€ 19.83

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SHOWCASE Capsule Dispenser

€ 46.50

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Sugar and irresistible sweets

Treat yourself to our divine biscuits, chocolates and sugars conceived and created especially to maximise Nespresso aromas. An essential collection for gourmets, who want to drink their coffees accompanied by our exquisite sweets.

Nespresso Sugar 8 gr

€ 0.82

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Dark Chocolate

€ 6.82

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Tea Earl Grey Fleurs Bleues

€ 14.00

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Financiers Chocolate

€ 7.27

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Maintenance for your machine

Ensure that the quality of your coffee is always top notch with our descaling kits and maintenance tools, designed specifically to cover the needs for your exact machine model.

Descaling Kit for Nespresso Professional Machines

What is a descaler? This coffee accessory employs a descaling technique to gently remove lime deposits that accumulate on your coffee machine over time to ensure that your tasting experience is just as perfect as on the very first day.

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Set of 2 descaling kits

€ 9.92

Nespresso Professional accessories

Improve your coffee drinking experience with our range of Nespresso Professional accessories, which include: coffee cups and mugs, milk frothing solutions with our Aeroccinos and capsule dispensers that are just the perfect storage solution.
You can also drink your coffee accompanied by our Nespresso sweets. Delicious chocolates, fine biscuits and sugars!
And to ensure that your coffee drinking experience is always top notch, don’t forget maintenance for your coffee machine with our Nespresso descalers.