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Quality and sustainability go hand in hand - from the coffee cherry to the recycling of the capsules. The high quality of Nespresso premium coffees is the result of our expertise, which flows into every step. Starting with the careful selection of the world's best coffees, the harvest of the ripe coffee cherries, the grinding of the beans, the roasting process through to the result in the cup.

Responsible sourcing tastes best

Our approach necessitates another level of selectivity which concerns the sustainability of the coffee tree and coffee world in general.

To address the issue of coffee’s future, we created the Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program in 2003 in collaboration with the NGO Rainforest Alliance. This program enables Nespresso to safeguard the future supply of the highest quality coffee, while paying farmers a higher income and protecting the natural environment.

But our commitment goes beyond this; it is about a long-term relationship and continued loyalty to the coffee farmers in the program. More about our » Partnerships.

Coffee is a cherry

Cherries of the same tree will ripen at differing rates and therefore should be picked at different times. In order to pick only correctly ripened fruit, the majority of coffees used for Nespresso coffees are harvested by hand. Though costlier in time and money, this guarantees the best quality, since beans that are too green, or overripe, are eliminated.

Not all beans are created equal…

« The better the grading, the more consistent the beans, the more even the roast, and ultimately, the more balanced the cup. »

Ensuring quality through all coffee journey’s stages, from farm to cup, requires us to carry out repeated and systematic physical and taste checks: before packing coffee at origin, before the shipment by sea, and again, upon arrival in Europe. Taste (or "cup") testing ensures only the finest, cleanest coffee is selected.

In order to pick the best beans, Nespresso only chooses the best terroirs the best beans, finest coffees that are rigorously selected and tested, to satisfy the most demanding palates.

Great products always start with the best ingredients. We know that the highest quality coffee - with the aromatic specificity we need to create our coffee blends - is not produced by chance. Which is why we are so lucky to be working closely with some 100,000 coffee farmers, many of whom have been members of our AAA Sustainable Quality Program for more than 10 years. And it’s only thanks to these farmers that we are able to meet the high quality standards we set for ourselves.

It is a gold prospector work that can lead our Coffee Experts in the most remoted areas, between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn.

Terroir-specific roasting for terroir-specific aromas

Roasting and grinding are vital stages towards creating a coffee as here we reveal the full flavor and aromatic potential of green coffee beans.

Coffee develops the full potential of its aroma during roasting. Correct roasting depends on finding the time, temperature and other parameters best suited to a blend, thereby allowing origin characteristics to be fully expressed. Each coffee has its own specific roasting process designed to bring out the intrinsic characteristics of each origin.

Depending on the roast technique used, the same coffee can acquire vastly different in-cup results. By knowing the character of our beans, we roast each one of them with the goal of optimising and maximising its flavour.

Made-to-measure grinding for optimal extractions

Ultimately, grinding is what allows coffee’s aromas to be released. The grind size influences the rate at which the coffee flows into the cup. Here again, various profiles are created to ensure an optimum in-cup result. These operations are fastidious and require precision and expertise, for an optimum quality of each coffee in the cup

Encapsulation: Aluminum

After grinding, the coffee is packed in a laminated aluminium capsule that protects ground coffee from contact with the air, light and moisture.

Processed and packed under inert atmosphere and hermetically sealed in, the Nespresso capsule guarantees consistent coffee quality by locking in the freshness of the coffee’s flavours and its 900 aromas for 12 months.

The material was also favoured because it is 100% recyclable and thus not only maintains quality and flavour integrity, but is not a spent resource once used.

Compared against the production of primary aluminium, the recycling of aluminium products consumes as little as 5% of the energy and emits only 5% of the greenhouse gases. Watch this short video to know more about » sustainable sourcing.

Serve the ultimate expression

In the final quality step to the customer, extraction, Nespresso’s complete quality system ensures that finished capsules interact with machines in such a way as to extract all the flavours that have been so carefully sought, selected for, roasted, ground and packed… In other words, to serve as the ultimate expression of all that has gone heretofore.

Our brewing systems operate at the right water temperature, quantity and pressure for each coffee design, so they deliver our quality promise in the cup. Read more about the » Art of Coffee Tasting.


Aluminium is a recyclable material that is easy to recycle. Nespresso capsules have been licensed by the Green Dot since 1993. Used Nespresso capsules including coffee grounds can be easily recycled via the yellow bin, the yellow sack, the recycling bin or via recycling collection points.

Recycled capsules receive a second life as secondary aluminium in a large number of new products. In addition to its use in the automotive and construction industries, secondary aluminium is also found in numerous smaller everyday products such as ferries, decorative items, jewellery, furniture, pans and cake moulds. Read more about » responsible Recycling at Nespresso.

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