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During the day, coffee breaks are key to enriching employee relationships, and Nespresso coffee helps transform a quick chat into a quality conversation. During a meeting, the coffee break provides a welcome pause and an opportunity to discuss and share ideas in a relaxed manner.

Offering a great quality cup of coffee shows you care about small details… and this creates a positive impression of your workplace. As well as providing an enjoyable moment for colleagues and employees, studies show that serving Nespresso can increase profitability*!

* High-quality coffee gives a positive image among the visitors and employees:

Around 9 employees out of 10 think that offering a high-quality coffee shows the attention toward its employees & customers/suppliers and it creates a positive image of the company.


84% of customers believe that serving Nespresso coffee shows that the brand pays attention to quality. Source Strategic Research 2012

Customised solutions
for all office venues

Our dedicated specialists carry out a thorough appraisal of your coffee needs before recommending the most appropriate Nespresso solution to suit your premises:
reception, offices, meeting rooms, coffee area or kitchen.

We also offer easy and innovative payment options as an integral part of our offer.

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Nespresso Zenius
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    Nespresso Zenius

Capsules recycling

We can create together a better future for our Grand Cru coffees

We support schemes that recover and recycle Nespresso capsules. In Germany, our business customers can recycle capsules via the Grüner Punkt system.

Elsewhere, we are developing customised capsule collection solutions for our professional clients. After enjoying their Nespresso Grands Crus, customers will be able to drop their used capsules in the container provided, and this will be collected for recycling.

Nespresso Recycling


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