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Nespresso's quality standards
can help you exceed expectations

Consumer habits worlwide
have changed as demand for high quality service and superior taste grows.

Trends show that consumers are trading up to premium brands and products to express their individualism and to indulgence themselves.

The premium nature of Nespresso signifies to hotel visitors that they are in an establishment which values superior culinary experiences. A Nespresso presence is another indicator that your guests are in a place where attention to service and delighting end consumers are the highest goals

Solutions customised
to your hotel

The perfect coffee solution

Whether in the lobby, guest rooms, meeting rooms, buffet area, restaurant or bar, you are likely to want coffee solutions tailored to each environment.
The flexibility of the Nespresso system means you will always find an appropriate solution for each space, and the peace of mind that guests will enjoy consistent quality coffee.

Our Grands Crus

Discover eleven exceptional Grands Crus. Each has its own distinct personality and embodies the soul of its origins. Every Grand Cru is designed to ensure your guests' absolute pleasure and enjoyment, and suit all occasions and tastes.

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Perfect performance from a truly reliable source

Markus Lindner

Hotel Manager Mandarin Hotel commented :

“We did a lot of tasting and a lot of research before our opening. We looked at everything available on the market and the most convincing proposition was from Nespresso.”

The Mandarin Oriental’s Lindner says with Nespresso B2B machines “there is no room for error” and adds: “And this is what we need in our business”.

Create indulgent

As part of an unforgettable stay in your hotel, customers will always
appreciate being able to enjoy an exceptional cup of coffee.

A sign of excellence

To choose Nespresso and our Grands Crus is a symbol of your passion for excellence and commitment to your customers. Our Grands Crus are developed to satisfy the most discerning palates, sourced from the finest coffee growing territories around the world and used with machines that deliver exceptional coffee, cup after cup.

Together this adds up to a strong yet subtle statement that affirms your establishment’s association with a discerning luxury lifestyle.


Delight your guests
with dedicated accessories

Get more from your coffee

With our wide range of accessories to present and enhance the enjoyment of your coffee, Nespresso ensures that the Grand Cru coffees provide you a truly exceptional moment.

Nespresso has developed several collections, ranging from cups to presentation boxes. You can also choose storage units and a line of cleaning products for your machines.