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Zenius | Coffee Machine



Style, quality and professional performance in a compact coffee machine. Ideal for any business size, the Zenius coffee machine is compact yet designed to satisfy event the most demanding professional needs.

  • Ideal for any business size
  • Highly reliabile
  • Easy to use, efficient and fast
  • the ideal coffee machine for every business

    • Zenius is compact yet designed to satisfy demanding professional needs.
    • Easy to use, exceptionnal coffee is prepared quickly at the touch of a button.
    • Elegance and durable materials are combined to deliver the ultimate Nespresso coffee experience in every professional environment.

    Suitable to every company and venue

    Nespresso guarantees the correct placement of the coffee machine that is right for you. Our professional coffee machines are reliable and efficient, as well as easily adaptable to all spaces and locations.

    A dedicated range of services for professionals

    Nespresso has developed a range of specific services, as there is nothing more important than having a machine that works perfectly. For that, we provide you with the assurance of a machine in perfect working order and an after-sales service ready to respond rapidly to all your requests for supplies, maintenance or technical services.

  • key features

    functional specifications

    • Manual capsule insertion and ejection

    • Automatic power-off switch after 1h, 2h or 12h (0W)

    • Flexible cup tray for latte macchiato glass

    • Descaling alarm

    • 4 programmable cup sizes (ristrеtto, espresso, lungo and hot water)

    • Programmable coffee temperature (low / medium / high)

    • Low water warning signal

    • Programmable water hardness (soft / medium / hard / very hard)


    technical specifications

    • Weight

      7,3 kilograms
    • Removable water tank

      2 litres
    • Used capsules container capacity

      25 capsules
    • Dimensions (W x D x H)

      19,0 x 39,9 x 31,3 cm
    • Pressure

      19 bars
    • Heating water to the optimum temperature for coffee in just

      35 seconds
    • Power rating

      1560 - 1860 watts
    • Mains connection

      220-240 V, 50-60 Hz
  • A perfect coffee experience, cup after cup

    In order to guarantee consistently high-quality coffee, it is important to maintain your machine properly. You will find below a list of videos, and services to assist you with the maintenance of your Nespresso machine. You can also consult the user manual for reference.

    Nespresso services for your machine

    Need immediate assistance with your machine?
    Please contact us or dial 0800 00 11 11 for offices and 0800 63 77 76 for Horeca.