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Vertuo, Your Workplace Coffee Redefined


your workplace
coffee redefined

A new long cup solution for offices


Meet Vertuo A full range of coffee styles

Vertuo coffee machine prepare small or large coffees with generous crema, all at the touch of a button. Here’s the secret: each Vertuo machine uses barcode recognition and a patented extraction system to create your favorite coffee.

alto coffee cup size



café coffee cup size



Gran Lungo coffee cup size

Gran Lungo


Double Espresso coffee cup size

Double Espresso


Espresso coffee cup size



Enjoy your coffee experience in fives cups sizes.
Coffee redefined.

The Vertuo System

Nespresso Vertuo combines capsule-specific extraction with barcode recognition to generate a smooth, airy and light crema, to release the fresh aromas of the rich coffee blend below, all at the touch of a button.


Barcode Recognition

One Button

Simple One-Touch System


The Very Best
For Your Workplace

Discover our employer programs that offers you new coffee experience in your work environment.

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One Year Warranty

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