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To meet your specific business needs, Nespresso offers a complete range of dedicated services. The expertise of Nespresso's trained Coffee Specialists is always at your disposal.

  • Dedicated customer service

    Our Coffee Specialists are always ready to offer personalized advice about our coffees, machines, accessories or services.

  • Capsule delivery within 48 hours

    Order your Nespresso capsules over the phone or online and you will receive them within two working days.
  • Responsive customer helpline

    Nespresso Coffee Specialists are only a phone call away. Whether you need guidance on the correct use of your machine or help with a technical issue, they are there to help.
  • Complete machine care

    Nespresso can provide complete on-site maintenance to ensure that your Nespresso machines always deliver the best possible coffee.

  • Water analysis

    Water is a key part of coffee preparation. We will analyze your water supply, and we can provide you with filters to optimize your water quality.

  • Technical assistance

    Our technicians can provide technical assistance according to your needs, with a full on-site repair service.

  • Loan machines during servicing

    Nespresso guarantees to lend you a substitute machine while your machine is being serviced so you can continue to offer the highest quality coffee.

  • Service guarantee

    As a Nespresso customer, you benefit from a standard machine warranty and a 3-month guarantee on any maintenance work carried out.

  • Borrow a machine for special events

    We are happy to loan you an extra machine for special events. Open days, seminars, conferences– whatever the occasion, we will work with you to provide Nespresso’s exceptional Grands Crus to your customers or business partners.

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