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Coffee Specialists are available to advise you on your coffee selection and to ensure
easy ordering and convenient delivery, tailored to your needs.

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Easy Ordering

Feel serenity with our Easy Ordering service: you schedule your next orders of Nespresso coffees and we deliver them automatically at the address and frequency of your choice.

  • Free delivery
  • Automatic shipment: receive your order at the frequency of your choice*
  • No commitment: modify or cancel your easyorder at anytime up to the day of shipment*
  • Easy to manage: manage your order 24/7 online or at 1-855-325-5783
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*For Customers on an Operating Agreement, due to your contractual conditions, you can only create, modify, or cancel an Easyorder by calling 1-855-325-5783. Specific restrictions are applied to the modification of your standing order.


We deliver all your orders in 48h.


*Orders placed at Nespresso before 4pm, from Monday to Friday; no deliveries on National holidays.


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  • machine care

    Once a year, we provide a complete on site maintenance, on demand**

    Our qualified technicians can provide, at your earliest convenience, high standard technical assistance on site**
  • machine loan

    Substitute machine during servicing**


* 1-855-325-5783
**Those services may be charged, please contact your commercial agent for further information.


Nespresso has commited itself to becoming an actor
of a sustainable coffee economy, from coffee production
to capsule recycling.

Since its creation, Nespresso made the choice of aluminium,
because it is the ideal material to protect the aromas of its coffees.
Moreover, it presents the advantage of being 100% recyclable.


Other Services

Nespresso offers a complete range of dedicated services for you to savor your coffee
in the best conditions, even during your events: open days, seminars, conferences...

  • set up

    Installation and demonstration of your new machine*
  • water analysis

    Provision of filters to optimize your water quality*
  • borrow a machine

    We are happy to loan you an extra machine for special events*

*Those services may be charged, please contact your commercial agent for further information.