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Nespresso offers specially designed, certified machines for airlines.

Since 1994, Nespresso has been present in the travel industry. Within this industry, Nespresso focuses primarily on the first-and-business-class sectors. In collaboration with the machine partners Aerolux and Iacobucci, Nespresso brings its expertise in coffee on board the world's largest commercial and private airplanes.

Nespresso is served both on board and in  first-and-business-class lounges in airports around the world, enabling airlines to offer a personalized choice and provide the ultimate coffee experience to their passengers at all times.

coffee machine for airlines


Key Nespresso Benefits for Airlines

  1. 1. Customized Solutions

    nespresso coffee machine fo airlines

    Whether in the reception, waiting room, boutique or staff area, Nespresso can tailor a specific system to suit your coffee needs.

  2. 2. Ease Of Use

    nespresso coffee at the touch of a button

    Whatever your machine, whatever your favourite recipe, enjoy exceptional coffee at the touch of a button.

  3. 3. A Positive Image

    nespresso coffee capsules for airlines
    Attention to detail and quality at every level reflects positively on your business.
  4. 4. Reliable After-Sales Service

    nespresso coffee capsules

    We provide you with reliable after-sales service for machine maintenance and supplies.

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