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Pure Origin Coffee Pods | Nespresso | NesEntity_BE


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This Nespresso Grand Cru is a pure Arabica from Brazil, made of two specialty varieties: on the one hand, the subtly sweet Red and Yellow Bourbon Arabica, grown in hill-top plantations, harvested by hand and sun-dried with the mucilage still intact, which infuses the coffee beans with a mellow flavour; on the other hand, the unwashed Cerrado Arabica, which adds distinctive cereal and toasted notes.



This Pure Origin Grand Cru is a blend of Arabica - grown at the highest altitudes - and high-quality Guatemala Robusta, considered as a gourmet specialty coffee because of a very selective processing: it is 100% hand-picked and fully washed to reduce harshness. The result is sweet and incredibly smooth, with dry, malty cereal notes and a definitive bold character.



This single origin coffee expresses all the force and richness of South India’s terroirs, where Arabicas and Robustas unusually grow on the same plantations, in the shade of cedars and interplanted with fruit trees and spices. Ristretto Origin India, which combines the finest Arabica with a hint of of Robusta from southern India, is an intense and full-bodied coffee, with a powerful character and notes of spices.




Treat yourself to a pure moment of pleasure by trying our Pure Origin Grands Crus: Espresso Origin Brazil, Ristretto Origin India and the new addition to the range, Lungo Origin Guatemala. Three unmissable delicacies, carefully selected for you by our Coffee Experts. A Nespresso Grand Cru that carries the "Pure Origin" label is a coffee that consists solely of beans from a single country of origin. This coffee boasts a unique aromatic profile by exuding the spirit and typical character of one single origin.