Espresso Vanilla Professional Coffee Capsule

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Espresso Vanilla 50 Capsule Box
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To create Espresso Vanilla, we layered in a warming vanilla flavour into the Latin American Arabicas of Espresso Forte. The rounded blend includes Brazilian and Costa Rican Arabica coffees that have intense roasted notes. The coffees get a short, medium roast to develop their complex and compelling malty and fruity aromas. When we layer in the vanilla flavour it gives this espresso coffee a silky feel. The slightly caramelised aroma of vanilla in this Nespresso pro capsule reminds you you’re in good company.

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Capsules are flavoured and do not contain ingredients depicted

We layer the warming vanilla flavour onto a base of our Espresso Forte coffee blend. These Central and South American Arabica coffees give this Nespresso pro capsule its intense roasted note. The blend includes a naturally processed Brazilian Arabica and a washed processed Costa Rican Arabica. Together they offer a complexity of aromas that find themselves in good company in this Nespresso vanilla coffee.
This vanilla espresso’s Arabica coffees get a short, medium roast to develop their malty and fruity aromas.
Espresso Vanilla is a flavoured coffee with a silky feel and a slightly caramelised aroma of vanilla.
50 pro capsules of roast and ground coffee with vanilla flavour for the Nespresso system.
Ingredients & allergens
Roast and ground coffee with vanilla flavour
Net weight (for 50 capsules)
300 g - 10.6 oz
Made in Switzerland