Australians' love affair with coffee transcends work boundaries

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Australians' love affair with coffee transcends work boundaries

Stefan Vermeulen, Nespresso Professional Commercial Manager

Coffee in the office
Research shows Australian workers still have a strong love of quality coffee

Coffee has been fundamental to human culture, uniting and inspiring people for almost a thousand years. It is this inherent role coffee plays in our society that prompted Nespresso to further explore the relationships Australians have with their favourite brew through our nation-wide survey conducted by Galaxy Research.

Delving into what our recent investigation of coffee culture within Australia means for the country, we find that Australians' love for coffee is more than just fleeting.


While Australians have confirmed that their enjoyment of coffee transcends time and place, the new research reveals a rise in coffee culture at work, particularly regarding the importance coffee plays in productivity and workplace relations.

Gemini commercial coffee machine in the office
Bring high quality coffee into the workplace by installing a Nespresso machine in the office

Indeed, the research reveals that it takes approximately 11 minutes to grab a decent coffee near work. This adds up across the 7.1 million workers across Australia going outdoors for coffee - 1.3 million hours of Australian workers' valuable time is lost, in fact - and that's only if we all have one coffee per day. Alarming findings like these reinforce the work we do with businesses across the country by providing workers with the highest-quality coffee, conveniently located in their office. With more than half of Australian workers placing priority on high-quality coffee in their workplace, it is important for organisations to consider the ways Nespresso can help meet the coffee needs of their valued employees.

Just as our coffee is imperative to saving valuable hours of productivity, so too is the role coffee plays in fostering relationships between co-workers. As a general consensus, 81 per cent of Australian workers believe coffee facilitates better communication between colleagues. As Nespresso continues to provide premium and sustainable coffee to workplaces across the country, we are pleased to see the positive impact this inherently brings to overall workplace wellness.

Aguila 220 coffee machine in the office
Quality coffee could help facilitate better employee conversations in your office


As we see coffee continuing to evolve with the rise of various wild coffee recipes and twists on the old favourites, and through Nespresso's continued pursuit and delivery of the finest and most sustainably-sourced coffee, it comes as no surprise that approximately 81 per cent of Australians surveyed drink coffee at least once per week. And, of the Australians who prefer capsule coffee, 8 in 10 like to experiment with their coffees and try new ones. It is the way people have woven coffee into every aspect of their lives and continue to explore new coffee journeys that inspires us here at Nespresso. It drives us to continue to make our customers' experiences and enjoyment of their coffee moment something that is unparalleled, personal and thoroughly enjoyable.

Providing a premium coffee experience is at the heart of what we do and it's what continues to drive us. As we see the way coffee is woven into the homes, offices and lives of our Australian customers, we place great importance on ensuring Nespresso continues to offer high-quality coffee experiences wherever you are.

*Research conducted in June 2017 by Galaxy Research Online Omnibus with 1,000 Australians and commissioned by Nespresso.

Stefan Vermeulen

Stefan Vermeulen, Nespresso Professional Commercial Manager

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