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The Tower Solution

The Tower Solution of NESPRESSO Business Solutions allows all of the Nespresso accessories to be stored away to provide absolute comfort in your enjoyment. For more information regarding our payment solutions, please contact our Customer Relations department at 0800 177 500.


Designed for use with the Gemini CS 200 and Gemini CS 220 machines, the NESPRESSO Business Coffee Solutions base cabinet is ideal for storing all Nespresso accessories.


- Large drawer for coffee cups with an optional cup-warming plate
- Small drawer for spoons, sugar, and capsules
- Three containers for water, used capsules and waste


The NESPRESSO Business Coffee Solutions capsule distributor stocks Nespresso coffee capsules and distributes six coffee varieties thanks to an optimal compartment system. The distributor can be attached to the wall for best space management or placed on a surface.

- Six distributor compartments
- Large stocking capacity: 6 tubes (240 capsules)
- Additional stocking space for six tubes
- Simple to use
- Easy to fill

The capsule distributor and the storage cabinet also work with the Gemini CS 200.

Ref. 6664

Cappuccinatore CS 20

The Cappuccinatore CS 20 fits right beside your Nespresso coffee machine. Nothing to clean. The Cappuccinatore CS 20 uses a disposable nozzle system to ensure impeccable hygiene day after day. Always fresh, always perfect.
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Ref. CS20.
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Espresso spoon

In stainless steel (12 cm).
Ref. 3012.
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Cappuccino kit

100 straws + nozzles (white).
Ref. 5101.
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