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The smallest and most colourful of Nespresso machines

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Colour is much more than a simple hue.
Every colour carries with
it the significance of emotions; it
expresses feelings and gives meaning to things.
With its range of pop-art colours,
Inissia will even make you want
to repaint your walls. Now you can
ensure your kitchen coordinates with
your new machine by choosing from a range
of paints especially created by the celebrated
paint company Ressource.
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Let the colour talk
Inissia comes in  10 colors


Inissia is full of hidden surprises.
Although it can be easily stored
anywhere and is the smallest of the
entire range of Nespresso
machines, it has the same
technology as the others,
allowing it to bring out the full flavour
and exceptional quality of the Nespresso Grands Crus.
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Weight  2,4 kg
Height  23 cm
Width  12 cm
Depth  32,1 cm


Like all the Nespresso
machines, Inissia can deliver a rich
and creamy Espresso in no time
at all. Fitted with
the exclusive Nespresso
extraction system, it heats water
to the ideal temperature
in just 25 seconds.
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Warming time  25 seconds

Energy efficient

Ever mindful of the
environment, Inissia
switches to
stand-by mode automatically
if not used for 9 minutes.
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Stand-by mode after  9 minutes

The promise of an exceptional coffee

With its range of 22 Grands Crus,
Inissia can prepare the perfect
coffee for any one at any time
of the day.
Introduce your friends to Inissia
Prepares the  Nespresso 22 Grands Crus to perfection