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Selection Milk - 150 Capsules

Each Nespresso, even with a delicate and subtle character when black, develops new sensorial dimensions when combined with milk. This creates an almost infinite palette of taste variations. Experience this magic encounter of milk with the rich selection of Espressos. Enjoy different aromatic profiles and create your perfect Cappuccino or Latte Macchiato.

MILK selection 150 contains:
1 sleve (10pcs.) of Capriccio,
1 sleve (10pcs.) of Volluto,
1 sleve (10pcs.) of Roma,
1 sleve (10pcs.) of Cosi,
1 sleve (10pcs.) of Volluto Decaffeinato,
1 sleve (10pcs.) of Envivo Lungo,
1 sleve (10pcs.) of Arpeggio,
1 sleve (10pcs.) of Livanto,
1 sleve (10pcs.) of Kazaar,
1 sleve (10pcs.) of Dharkan,
1 sleve (10pcs.) of Arpeggio Decaffeinato,
1 sleve (10pcs.) of Ristretto Decaffeinato,
1 sleve (10pcs.) of Ristretto,
1 sleve (10pcs.) of Nicaragua,
1 sleve (10pcs.) of Ethiopia.

Ref. no 50288-PL3

120 capsules of roast and ground coffee, 20 capsules of decaffeinated roast and ground coffee 10 capsules of flavored roast and ground coffee for the Nespresso system.
Ingredients & allergens
Roast, ground coffee, decaffeinated roasted ground coffee and flavored roasted ground coffee.
Net Weight (for 150 capsules)
750 g
Packaged in a protective atmosphere.

Made in Switzerland
Importer: Nestlé Polska S.A. O/Nespresso
Domaniewska 32 street, 02-672 Warsaw