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Health and safety is a priority for us

Nespresso Boutiques

Putting everyone’s health and safety first, we decided to temporarily close all Nespresso boutiques in Poland. Now, in accordance with the new guidelines on the re-opening of shopping malls, from 6th May our Boutiques are open, while maintaining the highest safety standards. Currently we offer a limited tasting of coffee at Nespresso boutiques (black coffee only).

For more information on the location of Nespresso Boutiques, please visit
We adhere to the highest safety standards in our Boutiques. We ask all our customers to behave responsibly during shopping. Learn about a safe shopping at Nespresso Boutiques:

Cover your mouth and nose with a mask or a scarf.

Make a purchase in disposable gloves. We will provide you with gloves and a disinfecting gel.

Keep a safe distance of two meters from other people while shopping.

If you can, please pay for your shopping contactless using your payment card or a smartphone.
Thank you for being with us.


Until further notice we guarantee a free delivery for all orders above 100 capsules. Due to a high number of orders, the expected delivery time may be extended to approx. 3 to 5 days. Thank you for understanding.

Safe delivery

In order to ensure your safety during the COVID-19 epidemic, Nespresso and GLS Poland, our logistics partner, have taken preventive measures aimed at minimizing the risk of spreading the infection. Our main goal is to limit any interpersonal contact during the process of package delivery and pick-up.

  • We recommend our clients to allow the courier to leave the package at the door / in front of the house, which will eliminate the potential risk of infection for both parties involved.
  • In accordance with the instructions of public health authorities, we recommend our clients to not engage in the following: shaking hands, taking hold of the scanner (e.g. when signing the delivery form), pens or any other items.
  • We have launched an infoservice for all our clients (text message notification with the telephone number and name of the courier delivering the package, allowing the clients to arrange individual delivery, e.g. in order to avoid personal contact with the courier).
  • GLS FlexDelivery (package tracking service) allows clients to arrange parcel drop-off at any selected site.
  • We recommend our clients to use advance payment by credit card or on-line transfer for all orders (instead of payment in cash on delivery).

We would also like to inform you that all GLS Poland couriers are equipped with disinfectants and have received instructions concerning protective measures against COVID-19 and other infections. We would like to thank you for your understanding and cooperation under these extraordinary circumstances. More information on delivery available at Nespresso you will find at


From 6th of May your used Nespresso capsules may be returned in one of the Nespresso Boutiques (the full list of open Boutiques is available here: or may be hand to the courier who brings your new order without leaving your house. Together with our logistics partner GLS Poland, we guarantee a safe delivery of orders and collection of used capsules. We launched the "Flex Delivery" option, that enables a delivery and collection of capsules to be realized without having contact with a courier. Remember to always put used capsules in your Nespresso recycling bag. For more information on recycling Nespresso capsules, please visit

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