The Recycling Process | Nespresso


Every Capsule has Future Potential

Nespresso uses aluminium for its capsules as it is the best material available today to protect the
freshness, taste and quality of the Nespresso Grand Cru coffees. Aluminium is also infinitely
recyclable. This means that there is potential for a second life within every capsule. So when you
are finished enjoying your Grand Cru, please return your Nespresso aluminium capsules to us. We
will see to it that it goes on to achieve its potential through recycling.

Every Capsule has Future Potential

The Separation Process

We have partnered with a local recycling centre to create a tailored recycling system to separate the aluminium and coffee in the used Nespresso capsules.
Each material then goes on to live its second life.

Second Life

From coffee to

The recovered coffee grounds are transformed into compost, by combining with dirt and other organic matter, creating rich and nutritious compost.

From aluminium to

Can Bicycle Pan Chair
Once separated from the coffee grounds, the aluminium is compacted. It is then sent for smelting and refining. The refined metal can then be used in a variety of different products, such as cars, bikes or homewares - the possibilites are infinite.