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Recycling is a Nespresso Priority

Sustainability is a key focus for Nespresso New Zealand. This is why we have developed our own nationwide recycling program to help make recycling used Nespresso aluminium capsules as easy as possible. We also collaborate with respected partners, such as New Zealand Post to increase the availability of collection options.
Over 80%

of Club Members have a recycling
point within 10km of their address
(September, 2016)

3 in 4

Club Members who
participated in our New Zealand
Post Recycling Bag Trial agreed it was
a great initiative (June, 2016)

Over 350

collection points are available
New Zealand wide

Nespresso New Zealand Goals

New Zealand Goals

Nespresso New Zealand is committed to ensuring we are
part of a sustainable coffee economy. The good new is
that our coffee capsules are made from aluminium, which
is infinitely recyclable. As our capsules cannot be
recycled through New Zealand's domestic waste systems,
we have - since opening our first Boutique in 2011 - made
recycling collection points available, and have worked
with a recycling plant to put in place a dedicated system
to recycle our used aluminium capsules.

Our commitment is to continually improve our
recycling program to help ensure that as many used
Nespresso capsules are recycled as possible.

  • We are focusing on:

    Continuing to remove barriers to recycling by developing more options and easier accessibility for our Club Members.
  • Collaborating with credible partners such as TerraCycle, to grow the network of collection
    points throughout the NZ community.
  • Education and awareness, keeping our Club Members informed about the recyclability of our capsules and the
    recycling options we provide to them.
  • Encouraging behaviour change, so that recycling our aluminium capsules becomes a habit.

Continue to increase the
number of collection points


of Nespresso Club Members will have
access to a recycling option

Collaborate with key
environmental partners

Nespresso Global Sustainability Approach

Nespresso has a sustainability vision for 2020 called
The Positive Cup. It builds on significant steps the
company has taken over the past 13 years to improve
farmer welfare and drive environmental
sustainability in coffee sourcing and consumption.

The Positive Cup aims to create positive outcomes
for coffee farmers, the communities we operate
in, the environment and for Nespresso as a business.

Nespresso Global Sustainability Approach