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How You Can Recycle

Make a change. Recycle a capsule. Nespresso New Zealand is committed to ensuring we are part of a sustainable coffee economy. The good news is our capsules are made of aluminium, which is infinitely recyclable. To make it as easy as possible for our Club Members to return their used capsules we have created a nationwide recycling program.

Used Capsules

Store your used Nespresso capsules in one of
our stylish and airtight Recycling Canisters
until you are ready to take to one of our
multiple collection points around NZ. Each
canister holds 100 used capsules and the tight
seal ensures no liquids or aromas escape.

Order a Recycling Bag or Container
Aluminium is infinitelyrecyclable

Collection Points

We want to make recycling your used
aluminium capsules as simple as possible,
and are continually exploring new
services to do so. You can return your used
Nespresso aluminium capsules to over 350
collection points nationwide. These include all
PostShops, a selection of florists and
garden centres, and all our Nespresso Boutiques,
where you will find our special recycling
bins to place them.

Over 80%

Club Members have a recycling point within
10km of their address (September, 2016)

Over 350+
Collection points Nationwide

Recycling at

We have recently partnered with NZ Post, making
recycling as easy as popping into your nearest
PostShop. Simply place up to 130 used Nespresso
aluminium capsules into one of our specially designed
bags, seal the bag and hand it over the counter at
your nearest PostShop. When you buy the bag,
Nespresso will cover the cost of the postage.

Recycling at Florists

We also have a growing nationwide network of florists, garden centres and nurseries which are now
Nespresso capsule collection points. Simply transport your used aluminium Nespresso capsules in any
bag to your local participating florist and the capsules will be picked up and sent to our recycling
facility for processing.

Nespresso Business

We offer a collection service to
our business customers for their used Nespresso
capsules. Customers can purchase a Recycling Kit which
includes collection boxes and bags that can hold up to
1000 capsules (both Professional and Consumer Nespresso
capsules) and prepaid Courier Post stickers.
As both Nespresso capsules are recyclable, we also
encourage businesses to collect the used
Nespresso aluminium capsules that employees
can bring in from home, making it even easier to
participate in recycling.

For more information
Call 0800 466 060

Learn more about our Business Solutions

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