The Benefits Of Single Shot Coffee

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The many benefits of one cup coffee machines

Are you a one shot or double shot type of coffee drinker?

Looking for a coffee machine and confused by all the chatter about one and two cup machines?

What are the benefits of a one cup machine? Why choose a single cup machine?

Let’s start at the beginning and find out what single shot coffee and double espressos are all about?

Benefits of drinking coffee

What is single shot coffee?

Commonly known as an espresso, a single shot of coffee or a standard espresso is often about 40ml. Due to the use of high pressure and very hot water, it creates an intense drink.

A ristretto is a little shorter than an espresso, but is very similar. It uses less water and makes a smaller drink, 25ml. It’s often a little sweeter and more concentrated.

How many ml in a shot of coffee?

    There’s usually around 40ml in a standard shot of coffee or espresso.

    What is a one cup coffee machine?

    Nespresso’s range of easy to use, one touch coffee machines take all the stress out of coffee making. Most coffee machines on the market make one cup of coffee, allowing you to choose a coffee pod to match your mood, pop it into your coffee machine, press the button and you’re drinking your fresh cup of coffee in seconds.

    On top of simple and stylish coffee machines, Nespresso’s selection of coffee pods mean you can start your day with an espresso, enjoy a morning mocha and finish off with an afternoon latte.

    Benefits of a one cup machine

    In deciding on whether to buy a one cup or two cup coffee machine, you should consider what you want from a coffee machine. There’s no point buying a two-cup coffee machine if you’re only going to use it to make yourself one cup of coffee.

    Space for a coffee machine

    Secondly, space. Where do you want your coffee machine? A two-cup machine can take up extra space, so if you have a spot on your kitchen bench or in your butler’s pantry in mind, make sure it’s big enough for what you want.

    What are your coffee needs?

    Consider your coffee needs? If you make a cup of coffee in the morning and another one in the afternoon, a one cup coffee machine is perfect

    Different coffee tastes

    Another advantage of a one-cup machine is that caters to the different coffee tastes in a household. You and your family members may have different tastes in coffee. Having a one cup machine to make different coffees is a big plus. A two-cup machine can’t make two different cups of coffee at a time.

    Types of coffee

    While the coffee making process can be confusing, Nespresso has created machines and flavours to focus on the enjoyment of making and enjoying satisfying aromas and flavours. Nespresso’s coffee machines can make a selection of coffee types. What’s your preferred coffee type?

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