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TOUCH Espresso
Set of 2 Espresso cups (80 ml) in black porcelain and soft-touch silicone
Set of 2 Lungo cups (170 ml) in black porcelain and soft-touch silicone
TOUCH Cappuccino
Set of 2 Cappuccino cups (180 ml) in black porcelain and soft-touch silicone
Set of 2 Mugs (300 ml) in black porcelain and soft-touch silicone
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TOUCH Collection

Created by Berlin design studio Geckeler Michels, "Touch" shows commitment to taste. Innovative black ceramic meets a soft silicon ring, making a bold statement that reflects Nespresso’s reputation as a design pioneer. More than a great-looking piece, the cups are ergonomically shaped to enhance coffee aroma: a perfect marriage of form and function.

Unexpected Finishing

Look, Touch and taste: capture the spirit of innovation

This highly contemporary collection is ergonomically designed to fully express all the aroma and flavour of your favorite Nespresso coffees. The cups have been specially crafted in collaboration with Nespresso coffee experts, for exceptional attention to detail. Harnessing their expertise, the inner shapes are conceived to guarantee a fluid flow of coffee into the cup and a beautifully refined ‘crema’ every time. An expression of taste in every sense. This striking range was created by studio GECKELER MICHELS, rising stars of the Berlin design scene. Refinement runs through the TOUCH Collection, embodied in carefully considered materials. A choice of black ceramic, an innovative option for homewares, represents a thrilling new look; glossy black is married with a matt ‘bisque’ base and a central silicon ring provides an easy grip and irresistibly tactile appeal.

With their avant-garde spirit, these accessories pay tribute to Nespresso’s tradition of pioneering machines and strong design ethos. Just like our machines, the cups offer an interplay of shine and matte, curves and lines… the finishing ‘Touch’ to any sophisticated home.

PIXIE Collection