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Bukeela ka Ethiopia

Bukeela ka Ethiopia

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Composed of two very different Arabicas from Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee, this delicately fresh and floral Pure Origin Lungo reveals unexpectedly wild notes of musk and wood.

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Ethiopian Arabicas from Sidama and other Western regions are hand-picked to create Bukeela ka Ethiopia. Treated differently, the Sidamo beans are washed and naturally sundried on raised African drying beds while Western regions Arabica as there, water is more scarce are un-washed and naturally processed.


Bukeela ka Ethiopia is roasted in two parts. One split is roasted shorter and darker to enhance wild musk and body, the other split roasted lighter and longer brings the final flourish, the perfume, the definitive aromatic coffee reminiscent of jasmine, orange blossom and white lily, with its delirious, heady perfume.

Aromatic Profile

Bukeela ka Ethiopia is a delicately fresh and floral Pure Origin Lungo that reveals unexpectedly wild notes of musk and wood.


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