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Master Origin Papua New Guinea

Fruity and jammy
Intensity 5
€0.53 per capsule €5.30 per 10 capsules
Capsule Master Origin Papua New Guinea
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Fruity and jammy

What lies at the root of this coffee’s distinguished Q certification? You can trace Master Origins Papua New Guinea’s specialty grade back to its extraordinary terroir. Long isolated thanks to its extreme topography, the impossibly remote mountainous interior of the Western Highlands was eventually visited by the outside world. They brought noble old Arabica varieties and these Typica, Bourbon and Arusha varieties first planted still reign in the Waghi Valley’s fertile soils.

Roasting process

This coffee is roasted using the split-roast technique, with the average short time and low temperature, making this a particularly light roast. Most of the coffee is in the first split (lighter) and a small proportion in the second, darker split to add some intensity.

With milk

As it is the case with many of our Limited Editions, we encourage consumers to try this coffee black to be able to fully experience its rare profile.

Flavor profile

Best served as
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Others described this coffee as
  • Fruity
  • Jammy
  • Juicy

Complete story

But distinguished Arabica alone doesn’t guarantee specialty coffee. Grown by smallholder farmers under shade, inter-cropped and with little inputs, the coffee benefits from being cultivated naturally and with care. There’s but a narrow window between harvesting cherry and pulping it before quality deterioration sets in, and getting the coffee across remote and rugged paths to the wet mill is no small feat. Once there, it undergoes a lengthy fermentation process before being dried in the sun. The bean then avails itself of several weeks to rest and stabilize. Stored in the refreshingly cool mountain Highlands, it keeps its honeyed sweetness for longer.

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Ingredients & allergens

10 capsules of roast and ground coffee for the Nespresso system

Ingredients & allergens Roast and ground coffee. Packaged in a protective atmosphere.
Net Weight (for 10 capsules) 52 g - 1.83 oz e
Made by Nespresso Switzerland EAN: 7630428718572

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