Vivalto Lungo Decaffeinato

The Vivalto Lungo, decaffeinated

Traditionally it is held that the process of decaffeination not only strips the bean of its caffeine, but also of its good taste. Our decaffeinated coffees have already proven themselves in the ‘quality’ race, so our focus became loyal caffeinated drinkers who wanted to lessen their caffeine intake.


We identified the coffees most beloved in each aromatic category and created their decaffeinated ‘alter egos’. Profile match was imperative...after all it is often taste alone that drives the customer to return to his/her favorite blend.


In most cases, reformulating was necessary—to keep the contrasting notes of Ristretto or the cocoa profile of Arpeggio, for example. The result was a range as familiar as it was newly transformed, fit for any time of the day.



10 Vivalto Lungo Decaffeianto capsules of roast and ground coffee for the NESPRESSO system.

ingredients & allergens

Roast and ground coffee. Packaged in a protective atmosphere.

Net Weight (for 10 capsules)

55g - 1.94oz e

Made in Switzerland

EAN: 7630030323058

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