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Milano Intenso

Cocoa & Cereal
Intensity 8
€0.53 per capsule €5.30 per 10 capsules
Milano Intenso Capsule
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Cocoa & Cereal

Discover the aromatic luxury of this medium-dark roast coffee. Cocoa, toasted and jammy fruit notes meet a shimmer of spice to spell elegance. Like its namesake’s character, this one is intense but elegant, delivering a lighter-bodied espresso than you might find in the south of Italy, but being marked and persistentin its aromas


Ispirazione Italiana Milano Intenso is a celebration of this vibrant city. Mostly Latin American coffees, the medium-dark roast brings out the dark cocoa and toasted cereal notes, finding a balance with the jammy fruity note and shimmer of spice. The design of this limited-edition collection represents Chiara Ferragni’s vision of Milan as a place of artistic heritage, a luxuriouslifestyle, and timeless elegance.


This coffee uses the Split Roast technique. The majority of the coffee is medium roasted, while the minority, composed of the robusta portion, is roasted to a very dark degree. Both splits achieve this profile with a medium-long roast.

Flavor profile

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  • Cocoa
  • Cereal
  • Spices


In the birthplace of espresso, the blend is the cornerstone, and the roast is the artistic expression built on that foundation. Historically, northern Italy’s roasters relied on the treasures the explorers returned with to the port of Genoa. True to tradition, Ispirazione Italiana Milano is fashioned of mostly Latin American Arabicas, its medium-dark roast paying tribute to this city’s coffee heritage. Known for coffees whose power comes from their aromas, this espresso draws us in with its cocoa and toasted cereal notes that find their balance with a jammy fruit note. A shimmer of spice surprises us—infusing this Limited Edition coffee with the urban vibes and contemporary tempo of this vibrant city. Milano Intenso can be enjoyed as a cappuccino (25 ml coffee + 60 milk froth). The coffee remains quite present with intense roasted notes, and its specificity are also preserved: peppery, berry and funky fruity notes. Lingering aftertaste.

Chiara Ferragni Milano Intenso

Ingredients & Allergens

10 capsules of roast and ground coffee for the Nespresso system.

Ingredients & Allergens Roast and ground coffee.
Net Weight (for 10 capsules) 54 g - 1.90 oz e
Packaged in a protective atmosphere. Made by Nespresso Switzerland

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