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With every machine purchase, we offer you:
Free delivery
14-capsule assortment
2 year waranty
Machine assistance


Nikmati kopi Nespresso sebenar dengan mesin kopi Inissia. Inissia adalah mesra pengguna dan memastikan kualiti kopi dalam setiap cawan.
Essenza Mini
Kecil dan bergaya. Itulah mesin kopi Essenza Mini daripada Nespresso. Ia bukan saja hadir di dalam bentuk yang kompak dan rekaan yang unik, namun tidak mengkompromikan rasa kopi yang hebat.
Inissia bundle
Terokai mesin kopi Inissia bersaiz kecil yang dilengkapi dengan Aerocinno. Nikmati kopi Nespresso dengan mesin Inissia yang mesra pengguna.
Essenza Mini Bundle
Essenza Mini baru menggabungkan kemudahan penggunaan, keindahan minimalis dan kualiti yang tiada tandingan. Mesin ini dilengkapi dengan Aeroccino.
Mesin Kopi CitiZ&milk dilengkap dengan  Aeroccino, membolehkan anda untuk membuat pelbagai resipi kopi  yang lazat sama ada Latte atau Cappucinno.
Lattissima One
Lattissima One enables you to indulge yourself with top-quality Cappuccino and Latte Macchiato in the comfort of your home.
Creatista Plus
Nespresso Creatista Plus enables you to easily create authentic top-quality Latte Art coffees at home, thanks to Nespresso convenience and coffee expertise combined with Breville automatic steam pipe. Its display guides you for the preparation and maintenance. It features a premium stainless steel design and finish. Barista milk jug included.
Lattissima Touch
Menikmati cappuccino lazat, latte macchiato, espresso atau lungo dengan hanya sentuhan satu butang pada mesin kopi Lattissima Touch, Nespresso.
Pixie bundle
Pixie ialah kopi mesin SMART dalam koleksi Nespresso. Pixie bundle dilengkapi dengan Aeroccino pembuih susu.
Pixie ialah kopi mesin SMART dalam koleksi Nespresso. Terokai ciri-ciri canggih yang didapati dalam kopi mesin yang bersaiz kecil ini.
CitiZ memberi kepuasan kepada peminat kopi dengan menambah sentuhan keanggunan kepada ritual kopi di seluruh dunia. Terokai rangkaian CitiZ. 
Barista is an invitation to discover a wide world of recipe possibilities.
Experience Innovation with a Nespresso Coffee Maker

Step into the world of Nespresso with our state-of-the-art espresso coffee makers. These machines represent so much more than a simple cup of coffee. They invite you to escape, to enjoy, to take a moment’s rest, to live the authentic espresso experience.

Stylish Designs Add Elegance

When you buy a coffee maker online, you add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your kitchen or office space. Sleek and refined, each espresso maker is expertly designed and crafted to create a superior coffee quality time and time again.

Available in a range of understated and surprising colours – neutral silvers, rich blacks, bold reds – Nespresso offers the perfect espresso maker for every interior.

Your Coffee, Your Way

Personalise your espresso experience with our range of coffee makers in Malaysia.

Short on space? Go for a compact machine. Featuring minimalist beauty and an ergonomic design, these smaller coffee makers deliver Nespresso quality in every cup.

Want greater control? Our larger machines boast a range of advanced functionalities that allow for a higher level of personalisation.

Finally, take your coffee experience to the next level with our coffee-making accessories: a high-quality milk frother, sophisticated mugs, and more.

Want to buy coffee makers? Explore our range today!