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Awaken to the Aroma of Nespresso Original Coffee Capsules

Indulge in the aroma of Nespresso Original coffee capsules that come in three sizes: Ristretto (25ml), Espresso (40ml), and Lungo (110ml).

Our Original coffee capsules and pods offer a wide range of flavours in consistent cup sizes to ensure an unparalleled coffee-tasting experience. Savour and try the full range of Nespresso coffee capsules today, from the fruity to the bold to the mild flavours that are delicately enhanced by steamed milk made using our Nespresso milk frothers. Making a delectable cup of cappuccino, latte, or macchiato has never been easier!

Exceptional Quality Coffee

Experience premium quality and a consistent flavour in every cup of Nespresso coffee. Each cup is carefully crafted to deliver the perfect balance between flavour and aroma so that you can have the best coffee-tasting experience at home. With over 30 blends of sustainably-sourced roast and ground coffee capsules available, each cup of Nespresso Original coffee will offer a truly unique experience of the highest standard.

From the harmonious marriage of Robusta and Arabica beans carefully selected from Latin America, Indonesia, and beyond to the single-origin blends, each cup is subtly imbued with the distinct influence of the local weather and terroir from which the beans originated from.

Made With Recyclable Material

Every Nespresso coffee capsule and pod was created with sustainable materials like recyclable aluminium. Moreover, these materials help to preserve the freshness of the grounds in each capsule so that you can have a cup of coffee that is just as fresh as the day it was blended.

Convenience With a Touch of a Button

Embrace ultimate convenience in the form of Nespresso Original machines and coffee capsules in Malaysia. Our simple-to-use machines mean you don’t have to leave the home for a café affair. Simply pop in a capsule of your choice, tap on the preferred cup size, and voilà! Easy, convenient, delicious classic European-style coffee in a fraction of the time.

A Diverse Range of Flavours & Aromas

Discover a world of flavours and coffee blends tailored to cater to various tastes and palates. Whether you enjoy the boldness of an Espresso or the smoothness of a Lungo, Nespresso’s rich array of pod flavours will have something for everyone.

Barista Creations

These coffee pods perfectly encapsulate the creativity and expertise of the world’s finest baristas. From the subtly flavoured Caramello and Nocciola to the intense notes of Corto, you can recreate your favourite milk-based coffee recipes at home with Nespresso.

Ispirazione Italiana

Take a whiff of any of these freshly brewed espresso or Ristretto pods, and you may be transported to the Italian countryside where coffee is more than just a beverage — it’s a lifestyle. Enjoy these intense multi-origin blends for a stronger flavour profile and an even stronger buzz. If you’ve had enough caffeine for the day but still want to savour the taste of coffee, the Ispirazione Italiana series also has decaf pods such as Arpeggio Decaffeinato for the taste without the buzz.

World Explorations

This is an open invitation to explore the world through coffee. The World Explorations series was inspired by iconic cities across the world and the different ways that coffee is appreciated in each place . You don’t have to get on a plane to go to Sweden to sample Stockholm Lungo, nor should you need to go to France to try the finest Paris Espresso, Nespresso is all you need!

The Classic Collection

For those who prefer to get back to basics, these pods are the perfect choice for you. Enjoy as it is, or pair your favourite type of espresso with a dash of milk for a milder, albeit creamier finish.

Master Origins

Inspired by their lands of origin, this coffee capsule series offers a glimpse into the distinctive ways that coffee is processed by master craftsmen in different countries. Experience the diverse taste of coffee for yourself. Buy and taste our best-selling Nespresso Colombia today.

Enjoy Nespresso Original Coffee Capsules in Malaysia

Savour the best coffee today with Nespresso Original. Why stop there? Pair your coffee with one of our premium coffee accessories and elevate your experience to the next level. Brew, sip, and enjoy the extraordinary taste of Nespresso coffee capsules. Buy now and make every moment exceptional.