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The secrets of the capsule - FAQ

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  • To obtain the perfect crema and aromas, does Nespresso incorporate foam additives or flavour enhancers to its coffee ?

    Absolutely not! The subtle flavours and aromas and the thick and perfectly textured crema of Nespresso coffee is simply a result of the Nespresso system, which ensures the complete control of all of the essential parameters involved in the preparation of exceptional coffee. We achieve this by selecting only the highest quality green coffee, using expert roasting techniques, ensuring the preciseness of the grinding and the exact portion of ground coffee in each capsule and by developing technology that incorporates a 19 bar pressure pump to ensure the even and rapid distribution of water through the capsule, just like the machines used by Baristas. All of this know how, combined with our advanced technology allows us to produce exceptional coffee without having to add anything artificial.
  • Doesn't a pre-portioned coffee destroy the entire coffee ritual ?

    The Nespresso system is designed to take the effort and chance out of making great coffee. The capsule and machine system allows you to make espressos worthy of the most highly trained Baristas, at the the touch of a button. It takes the mess and fuss out of the traditional coffee making and simply leaves you with great tasting coffee. With elegant coffee accessories, presentation advice and creative recipes Nespresso aims to create a new coffee ritual for its Club Members.
  • How can Nespresso talk about expertise in coffee when the capsules are manufactured ?

    From the outset, Nespresso has worked with highly skilled coffee tasting experts. Throughout the year, the Nespresso Coffee Experts travel the world to select the finest beans and to ensure that the sensory profiles of the coffees meet with Nespresso's extremely high standards. The capsule was therefore developed with great care and attention, ensuring a superior result in the cup comparable with an espresso prepared by the most skilled Barista. The sealing of the coffee in capsules is the final stage of a journey requiring the know-how and expertise of many Nespresso partners.
  • Nothing can compare with freshly roasted and ground coffee. Can a capsule maintain this freshness over several months ?

    Yes, completely, by means of the sophisticated production process, which is exclusive to the Nespresso capsule. The principle involves placing the exact portion of freshly roasted and ground coffee into a hermetically-sealed capsule, to protect it from air and light, thus enabling the quality and freshness of the coffee to be preserved for twelve months.
  • Why aren't the capsules sold in large retail stores ?

    Nespresso chose to develop its own distribution network in order to guarantee its customers coffee of superior quality and freshness.

    To cater for people who aren't able to visit the Boutiques or who don't have access to the Internet, for some time now we have been operating a 24/7 toll-free telephone service so that our customers can speak directly with one of our expert coffee advisers.

    As a result, we have developed a simple means for consumers to order their capsules or obtain advice on the choice of Premium Blends, their origins, the operation of their machines and even the accessories.

  • Does the aluminium capsule pose health risks ?

    Not at all. Nespresso aluminium capsules are coated with protective film to prevent any contact between the aluminium and the ground coffee.
  • Why has Nespresso chosen aluminium capsules ?

    Nespresso opted for aluminum for its preserving qualities that completely protect the ground coffee from air and light. As a result, our Club members are able to savour the full richness and quality of the aromas and flavours of the freshly roasted and ground coffee with each and every cup. Nespresso is moreover committed to environmentally-friendly practices through the recycling of its used capsules. Since 1993, in Germany, used capsules can be collected and processed through the Duales System Deutschland packaging waste system.
  • Is Nespresso coffee Fairtrade?

    In 2003, together with the  Rainforest Alliance,  we launched our own programme to benefit our coffee growers: the Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program. The partnership brought together the Nespresso expertise and knowledge in highest quality coffee cultivation with the twenty years of experience that the Rainforest Alliance has of helping farmers on the path to sustainability. It guarantees growers, from whom we buy coffee, benefits derived from a shared commitment to ultimate quality. Today, almost half of the coffee used by Nespresso comes from this programme. We aim to reach 80% by 2013.To find out more, please visit