TOUCH Cappuccino Cups

TOUCH Cappuccino Cups

DKK 150.00 (Piece)

Set of 2 Cappuccino cups (180ml) in black porcelain and soft-touch silicone.
Look, Touch and Taste: capturing the spirit of innovation. Created by Berlin design studio GECKELER MICHELS, the coffee cups ‘Touch’ shows commitment to taste. Innovative black ceramic meets a soft silicone ring, making a bold statement that reflects Nespresso’s reputation as a design pioneer. More than a great-looking piece, these cappuccino cups are ergonomically shaped to enhance coffee aroma. A range of coffee cups available in four different sizes to meet the preference of all coffee lovers: Espresso, Lungo, Cappuccino and Mug.

  • TOUCH Lungo Cups
    TOUCH Lungo Cups
    DKK 150.00
  • TOUCH Espresso Cups
    TOUCH Espresso Cups
    DKK 130.00
  • TOUCH Mugs
    TOUCH Mugs
    DKK 160.00