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Mug (230 ml)
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  • Mug 230ml
Why we love it:
With a mug of Elvazio you land on the bright side. It’s a blend of South American coffees we chose for their fragrant fruitiness and smooth sweetness. We gave light roasts to both a high-grown Colombian Arabica and a Brazilian Bourbon Arabica and blended them to create this Vertuo coffee capsule that bursts with life. It’s light-bodied and has a delicate acidity - but you’ll really recognize Elvazio by its juicy fruit notes that come from the Colombian coffee in this Vertuo coffee pod.
High-grown Colombian Arabica is prized for its lively acidity and juicy, delicate fruitiness. For this Vertuo coffee pod we blended it with Brazilian Bourbon coffee - it’s a variety known for its sweetness. These two South American coffees form a smooth balance and together they burst with flavor.
We roast the Brazilian coffee and the Colombian coffee separately - both South American coffees get a light roast to highlight the uniqueness of each origin.
The Brazilian Arabica brings its round and smooth taste to the blend - the Colombian Arabica its fruitiness and light acidity. Together Elvazio is a Vertuo coffee with rich layers of taste. This Vertuo coffee capsule makes an Americano, long black or black coffee that’s light-bodied and full of juicy fruit notes. And with a delicate acidity dancing through it, you’ll land on the bright side.
ELVAZIO. 10 capsules of roast and ground coffee for the NESPRESSO system.
Ingredients & allergens
Roast and ground coffee.
Net Weight (for 10 capsules)
125g - 4.40 oz e
Packaged in a protective atmosphere.
Made in Switzerland