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Mug (230 ml)
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  • Mug 230ml
Why we love it:
There’s something so comfortable about the taste of caramel - like being around sweet friends. Vertuo Caramelizio is a caramel flavoured coffee, but it all starts with lightly roasted Brazilian and Central American Arabica coffees. We roast them light to keep the round, smooth taste. Then we complete the coffees in this Vertuo coffee pod with a caramel flavour. It gives this Nespresso flavoured coffee its caramelized note and a subtle vanilla aroma.
With this Vertuo coffee - Vertuo Caramelizio - it all starts with a smooth blend of Arabica coffees from Brazil and Central America. After roasting, we add caramel flavour into the blend to create a caramel flavoured coffee capsule.
The Arabica coffees get a light roast - it keeps that round, smooth taste of the Latin American coffees in this Vertuo coffee capsule.
Vertuo Caramelizio is a Nespresso flavoured coffee capsule with a clear caramel note. You may pick up a subtle vanilla aroma in this caramel coffee’s crema.
CARAMELIZIO. 10 capsules of flavoured roast and ground coffee for the NESPRESSO system. Caramel flavoured.
Ingredients & allergens
Roast and ground coffee, natural caramel flavourings with other natural flavourings. Contains negligible amounts of energy, carbohydrates, fat, proteins and salt.
Net Weight (for 10 capsules)
125g - 4.40 oz e
Packaged in a protective atmosphere.
Made in Switzerland