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How do I join the Nespresso Club?

Join the Nespresso Club and learn more about the Nespresso product range.

The Nespresso Club is available 24/7. Call us at our toll free number or join us online at to further enhance your coffee experience. Benefit from our complimentary 2 business day shipping on orders of machine or 150+ capsules.

If you have any queries about Nespresso or your Club membership, please click here to contact us.

How and Why do I register my Machine?

Register your machine and enjoy a lot of benefits.

As a Club Member, benefit from lifetime over-the-phone consultation and machine troubleshooting services. Please provide the serial number of your new machine when you first register to help us ensure personalized customer assistance. This 19-digit code is found on the drip tray or back of your machine.

Ways to register:

  • Call toll-free: 080 734 1111
  • on the Nespresso Club website during the account registration in the Nespresso Boutiques
    Store Locator

    During the account registration process you may register your machine
    Add a Machine to your existing account under My Account Section
    Register Now

Using your machine for the first time

Tips to start up your machine.

Rinse the water system:

  • fill the water tank and switch the machine on
  • place a container under the coffee outlet
  • allow the equivalent of half the water tank to run through.
  • With the remaining half, rinse the hot water/ steam attachment, as indicated in your machine's operating instructions.
  • Maintenance advice

    Some tips to maintain your coffee machine.

    The Nespresso system offers you incomparable coffee moments, cup after cup. To help you maintain the quality of your coffee experiences, please take note of the following maintenance advice:

    Before brewing coffee, run water through the coffee spout (without a capsule in the machine). This effectively rinses the brew unit, increases the temperature, and ensures a perfectly measured brew.

    To maintain the optimum temperature and quality of your espresso, descale your machine regularly (approximately every three months). The Nespresso Club offers cleaning kits with multilingual instructions.

    For the best tasting coffee, we advise that you refill your water tank with fresh, cold water on a daily basis.

    Empty your used capsule container and drip tray frequently, and wash all removable parts by hand on a regular basis. Please see your user manual for recommended frother maintenance steps, if applicable.

    Troubleshooting Tips

    Some tips to solve your issues.

    The cup buttons on all Nespresso machines can be manually reprogrammed to a desired quantity. Please follow instructions in your user manual.

    The factory setting for espresso is 1.35 ounces; the lungo is 3.75 ounces. If the machine has a Ristretto button, the setting is .85 ounces. To restore your machine to these factory settings, please refer to your user manual.

    If you do not experience flow, fill your water tank with warm/hot water and press the largest cup cycle repeatedly until flow is restored.

    If the machine persists with no flow, please call the Nespresso Club, which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, at 080 734 1111.

    Download the maintenance guide for your particular machine. If the problem persists please contact the Nespresso Club on freephone 080 734 1111.
    Download Machine Manuals

    Nespresso Assistance

    Do you need immediate assistance for your machine?

    Our Technical Specialists can give you an immediate diagnosis over the phone.

    • Call the Nespresso Club at the following number: ? 080 734 1111*
    • Get an immediate technical diagnosis and the solution ? that meets your needs
    • ‘Machine Quick Repair Service’ is available in Nespresso Flagship Boutique.

    If your machine requires a repair, we offer an Assistance Service Program which includes:
    Collecting your machine from an address of your choice.
    Loaning a machine for the repair period (subject to availability)
    Returning your machine to the same collection address
    6 month guarantee on the repair of your machine.

    View the maintenance videos