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Limited Edition
Festive Selection 60 Capsules Set
Special Coffee for Holiday

 A selection of flavoured coffees from limited edition and permanent range

Enjoy a festive discovery with our selection of six coffee varieties bringingt ogether our new Limited Edition Variations coffees and new Limited Edition Paris Black with some of our most indulgent flavoured coffees.
This assortment contains:
- 1 sleeve of Variations Paris Macaron (Flavouored Coffee Limited Edition)
- 1 sleeve of Variations Paris Praliné (Flavouored Coffee Limited Edition)
- 1 sleeve of Paris Black  (Limited Edition)
- 1 sleeve of Caramelito
- 1 sleeve of Vanilio
- 1 sleeve of Ciocattino


* Minimum order is any 5 sleeves of your choice. 1 sleeve contains 10 capsules.

* Free delivery when purchasing at least 100 capsules, a coffee machine, or an amount of 7500 yen incl. tax.