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This summer, let us offer a special set of our limited iced coffees, 20 capsules of Ispirazione Shakerato and 20 of Ispirazione Salentina. With these limited capsules, please consider of purchasing 60 more capsules of your favorite coffees, to receive our original, Italian-made ice cube tray, the most suitable for Nepresso’s ice menu. You may feel Italian summer breeze with having tasteful iced coffee receipts.
*This set includes 20 capsules of Ispirazione Shakerato and 20 of Ispirazione Salentina
*To receive the ice cube tray, please make a purchase of more than 60 capsules of your favorite coffees with this iced coffee set.

Chill Out Your Summer with Iced Coffees
Ispirazione Shakerato A tribute to the Caffè Shakerato, a famous iced coffee recipe from Italy, this blend is a straight, intense coffee with cocoa and spicy aromas together with a roasted finish. When prepared in a shaker with ice and sugar, it gives a powerful and smooth, full-bodied iced coffee topped with an indulgent foam. Ispirazione Salentina A tribute to the Caffè alla Salentina, an iced coffee recipe from the south of Italy, this blend is a bold, balanced coffee with a smooth and round texture, nutty aromas and typical Robusta notes. When prepared with cane sugar syrup, ice and almond milk, it gives a refreshing drink with a sweet taste and a creamy texture.

*Minimum order is 50 capsules.
*Free delivery when purchasing at least 100 capsules, a coffee machine, or an amount of 7500 yen incl. tax.

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