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How do I join the Nespresso Club?

Join the Nespresso Club and enjoy benefits on Nespresso products.

After having bought your machine, you can join the Nespresso Club by registering here.

When you then place your first coffee order, you will become a member of the Nespresso Club.

If you have any queries about Nespresso or your Club membership, please click here to contact us.

How and Why do I register my Machine?

Register your machine and enjoy a lot of benefits.

When you first make contact with the Club, please send us your machine serial number (the serial number is 19 alphanumeric characters that is printed on a removable sticker found on the drip tray or on the back of your machine). You will then be able to benefit from an ordering and machine Assistance Service.

You can register your machine:

Using your machine for the first time

Tips to start up your machine.

Rinse the water system:

  • fill the water tank and switch the machine on
  • place a container under the coffee outlet
  • allow the equivalent of half the water tank to run through.

With the remaining half, rinse the hot water/ steam attachment, as indicated in your machine's operating instructions.

Download the operating instructions for your machine

  • PRODIGIO: C70/D70(Machine care video)
  • INISSIA: C40WH/C40RE/D40CW/D40BK(Machine care video)
  • Maestria: D500WH/C500RE
  • U: C50/D50
  • Lattissima Touch: F511-WH/F511-RE/F511-SI
  • Lattissima Pro: F456PR(Machine care video)
  • Lattissima plus: F411/421/416
  • Lattissima: F300/F320/F315
  • PIXIE: C60/D60
  • CitiZ: C110/D110
  • Le CUBE: C180/C185/D180/D185
  • Essenza: C100/D100/C101/D101
  • Concept line auto type: C290/D290
  • Others: C90/D90/C190/D190/C250
  • Some maintenance advice

    Some tips to maintain your coffee machine.

    The Nespresso system offers you incomparable coffee moments, cup after cup. To help you maintain the quality of your coffee experiences, please take note of the following maintenance advice:

    After each use of your machine, run water through (without a capsule in the unit), in order to avoid the deposit of coffee grounds within the flow system.

    To maintain the optimum temperature and quality of your espresso, descale your machine regularly. The Nespresso Club offers cleaning equipment that has been especially designed for the Nespresso system and its components.

    As the quality of water is essential for a good espresso, we also advise that you refill the water tank on a daily basis.

    View the maintenance accessories

    Troubleshooting and solutions

    Some tips to solve your issues.

    The machine doesn't switch on: check the power cord and fuses. The coffee isn't warm enough: preheat your cups and descale machine.No coffee extraction: clean and descale if necessary. Leakage in capsule area: clean the capsule holder and ensure the capsule is inserted correctly.No hot water or steam: clean and descale if necessary.The milk doesn't froth: clean the frothing device. We also recommend using semi-skimmed milk.No water flow: fill the tank and make sure it is correctly inserted.

    Download the maintenance guide for your particular machine. If the problem persists please contact the Nespresso Club Assistance Service on freephone 0120-57-3101.


    Nespresso Assistance

    In the event of a technical problem with your machine.

    The Assistance Service is available on
    freephone 0120-57-3101
    Monday to Saturday from 9am and 6pm.
    We can carry out an immediate diagnosis over the phone, and if you machine requires repair, we can offer you our Assistance Service Programme, which includes:

    • The collection of your machine from the address of your choice
    • The loan of a machine for the repair period (subject to availability)
    • The return of your machine to the same collection address
    • A further 6-month guarantee after the return of your machine

    The Assistance Service is free if your machine is in warranty and may be subject to further conditions.

    View the maintenance videos