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It's time to break the ice with our new Barista Creations for Ice range. Cold temperatures transform the taste and aromas of coffee, so we’ve specially crafted each blend to reach its full potential with ice.

Discover the range of accessories created to enhance your iced coffee recipes experience at home this summer.

Original Iced Coffees

  • Freddo Intenso

    You’ll love Barista Creations FREDDO INTENSO’s bold roasted character. This Arabica blend carries in beautiful balance the toasted cereal and woody notes and the classic bitter taste of a rich dark roast.


  • Freddo Delicato

    Barista Creations FREDDO DELICATO is a fruity and sweet coffee that bursts with thirst-quenching fruity notes and soothes with its light, refreshing and rounded character.


Original Iced Coffee Assortments

  • Iced 100 Capsule Assortment

    Assortment contains:
    10 X Volluto | 10 X Ristretto | 20 X Arpeggio | 10 X Livanto | 20 X Freddo Delicato | 20 X Freddo Intenso | 10 X Fortissio Lungo


  • Iced 150 Capsule Assortment

    Assortment contains:
    10 X Volluto | 10 X Ristretto | 20 X Arpeggio | 10 X Arpeggio Decaf | 10 X Livanto | 30 X Freddo Delicato | 30 X Freddo Intenso | 10 X Linizio Lungo | 10 X Volluto Decaf | 10 X Fortissio Lungo


Vertuo iced Coffees

  • Ice Leggero

    Barista Creations ICE LEGGERO delivers a refreshing iced coffee experience with a light and thirst-quenching fruitiness dancing on the rounded cereal note.


Vertuo iced Coffee Assortments

  • Iced 50 Capsule Assortment

    Assortment contains:
    10 X Ice Forte | 10 X Ice Leggero | 10 X Stormio | 10 X Bianco Forte | 10 X Bianco Leggero


  • Iced 100 Capsule Assortment

    Assortment contains:
    Melozino x 10 | Giornio x 10 | Bianco Forte x10 | Bianco Leggero x 10 | Vanilla Custard Pie x20 | Caramel Cookie x20 | Hazelino Muffin x20


Iced Accessories

  • VIEW Iced Recipe Kit

    A kit of 2 View Recipe Glasses (350 ml), 2 new View Recipe Spoons & 1 Ice Cube Tray to prepare your favourite iced recipes at home.


  • Monin Syrups Kit

    A kit of 3 syrups bottles (50ml/1.7oz): Vanilla, Caramel and Coconut to get a new level of coffee experience thanks to the combination of the best coffee quality and the MONIN syrup expertise.