Barista Creations Flavoured Coffee Pods

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Original Flavoured Coffees

  • Vanilla Eclair

    A round, smooth Latin American Arabica espresso. The base blend of Brazilian and Colombian Arabicas is known for its smooth taste and malted cereal notes. The vanilla flavour brings a velvety layer to the taste of this Nespresso flavoured coffee.


  • Caramel Creme Brulee

    The warming flavour of caramel softens the roasted notes of our most rounded and smooth espresso. Creamy notes of caramel, coconut and vanilla. The base blend for this Nespresso flavoured coffee consists of some of South America’s finest Arabicas.


  • Cocoa Truffle

    Dark and bitter cocoa flavour meets the malted cereal note of the base espresso in Cocoa Truffle. It’s rich and reminiscent of dark chocolate truffles. The base espresso is a blend of the finest South American Arabicas.


Original Coffees

  • Chiaro

    Inspired by the baristas of Brooklyn, who value the natural sweetness of coffee and apply a light roast to protect it, we carefully selected Arabicas from Kenya and Indonesia to develop this smooth blend, that reveals its natural caramel and sweet biscuit notes when combined with milk.


  • Scuro

    Taking our inspiration from Melbourne baristas - the masters of robust, but perfectly balanced tastes - we chose Arabicas from Colombia and Ethiopia and then split-roasted them in a very contrasting manner, to create an intense, roasted coffee taste that balances perfectly with milk.


  • Corto

    Inspired by the dark roasted tastes and thick textures created by the expert baristas of Spain, we selected a blend of African Arabicas and Robusta, and roasted them long and dark to create a powerful, full-bodied taste, which becomes smoother and creamier with a splash of milk.


Original Flavoured Coffee Assortments

  • Barista 10 Sleeve Assortment

    Assortment contains:
    Chiaro x 10 | Scuro x20 | Corto x10 | Vanilla Eclair x 20 | Caramel Creme Brulee x20 | Cocoa Truffle x 20


  • Barista 15 Sleeve Assortment

    Assortment contains:
    Volluto x 10 | Vivalto Lungo x 10 | Vivalto Lungo Decaff x 10 | Volluto Decaff x 10 | Scuro x20 | Vanilla Eclair x30 | Caramel Creme Brulee x 30 | Cocoa Truffle x30


Vertuo Flavoured Coffees

  • Vanilla Custard Pie

    Vanilla flavour easing into round, smooth Latin American and African Arabicas. A medium dark, quick roast of Brazilian beans brings roundness and sweetness, whilst Ethiopian coffee in the second split brings delicate aromatics to the blend.


  • Hazelino Muffin

    Hazelino Muffin’s a smooth and sweet Nespresso flavoured coffee – ideal for a morning break. It all starts with a base blend of Latin American and African Arabicas. These coffees get a medium dark split roast that develops the roundness and velvety texture of this espresso.


Vertuo Coffees

  • Bianco Leggero

    Indulge yourself with Bianco Leggero, inspired by the baristas of Brooklyn, who love the natural sweetness of coffee and try to preserve it. To achieve this, we chose Arabicas from Indonesia and Kenya and applied a uniquely light roast, to create a long cup with smooth, decadent notes of caramel and sweet biscuit when combined with milk.


  • Bianco Forte

    Our ambition behind Bianco Forte was to emulate the robust, yet perfectly balanced recipes of Melbourne baristas in a large cup. To achieve this, we carefully selected Arabicas from Colombia and Kenya and gave them a contrasting split roast. The result? Rich, roasted and cereal notes that push through the sweetness of the milk you add.


Vertuo Flavoured Coffee Assortments

  • Barista 5 Sleeve Assortment

    Assortment contains:
    Bianco Forte x 10 | Bianco Leggero x 10 | Vanilla Custard Pie x 10 | Caramel Cookie x 10 | Hazelino Muffin x 10


  • Barista 10 Sleeve Assortment

    Assortment contains:
    Melozino x 10 | Giornio x 10 | Bianco Forte x10 | Bianco Leggero x 10 | Vanilla Custard Pie x20 | Caramel Cookie x20 | Hazelino Muffin x20