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How do you like your morning?
Get ready fot a great tasting energy boost​ with extra caffeine.


Ready for a mid-afternoon break?
Treat yourself with some of our favourite blends.


Hit reset with our decaf blends - only if you want to!


Whenever, wherever! Easy to enjoy at any time of the day!


Since I started jump-rope during the first lockdown, it transformed both my physical and mental health. From a basic bounce to a freestyle flow, jump-rope is an essential part of my daily routine. Since working with Nespresso, their Functional Coffee range has added something extra into my daily routine with Melozio Boost's 20% additional caffeine. It tastes delicious and also brings together two of my passions- wellbeing and coffee. The perfect combination!

Lauren's recipe for healthy granola served with Melozio Boost

Have a delicious start to your day with our recipe for Nespresso Granola, full of dried fruit, seeds and coconut. Best served with yoghurt and fresh berries and a mug of Melozio Boost coffee.

Let's make it
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*Enhanced with natural coffee extracts. 20% more caffeine per capsule than regular Stormio/Melozio
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What is special about the NESPRESSO Functional Coffee range?

The NESPRESSO Functional Coffee range is the first of its kind for us, so we are very excited to be launching a range of coffee to help contribute to the wellbeing of our consumers.

Can anyone drink coffee from the NESPRESSO Functional Coffee range?

Moderate consumption of the NESPRESSO Functional Coffee range is suitable for all adult coffee drinkers as part of a varied and balanced diet, and a healthy lifestyle. It is recommended that pregnant or breast-feeding women do not exceed 200mg caffeine per day. The Melozio Boost and Stormio Boost coffees in the NESPRESSO Functional Coffee range have 200mg of caffeine per cup on average, which is 20% more than a regular coffee.

What are Melozio Boost/Stormio Boost in the Functional Coffee range?

Melozio Boost and Stormio Boost are functional coffees to jump help you start the day. We infuse the coffee beans in the Boost range with coffee extract to raise the bean’s total caffeine content by 20%. Same great taste, extra boost!

How much caffeine is good for me?

A detailed study conducted by the EFSA on caffeine safety in 2015 concluded that moderate caffeine intake of up to 400mg per day and up to 200mg per serving does not have any adverse effect on health for a healthy adult population. For pregnant and breastfeeding women, it is recommended to limit intake to 200 mg per day.

Is the added caffeine in Melozio Boost / Stormio Boost natural?

Yes, our Melozio Boost / Stormio Boost are infused with caffeine found naturally in coffee by putting our beans through an intricate steam treatment process where the steam is saturated with caffeine molecules obtained from the decaffeination of other coffee beans; which increases the total amount of caffeine.

How is the caffeine added?

To add extra caffeine, we put our beans through an intricate steam treatment process where we infuse the unroasted coffee beans with caffeine molecules obtained from the decaffeination of other coffee beans; which increases the total amount of caffeine. We always make sure all our coffees do not exceed the 200mg per serving advised by the EFSA study, even in Melozio Boost and Stormio Boost.



We began recycling our capsules in the UK over 10 years ago.

We recycle the capsules – giving both the aluminium and used coffee a second life.

We started using recycled aluminium. By the end of 2021, each capsule will be made using 80% recycled aluminium.



the coffee pod recycling service

We have joined forces with the biggest names in coffee capsule system to design a new recycling scheme, making it easier for everyone to recycle.​ ​

When we join together, our mission to make it easy to recycle every coffee capsule in the UK becomes a reality​.



We're headed towards becoming Carbon Neutral by 2022.​

Here are our commitments:

  • Your cup of Nespresso will be fully carbon neutral​
  • We continue to reduce the footprint of each cup
  • We expand tree planting in and around coffee farms​

Join us to make every capsule count.

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